Ellie 20th April 2021

Darcy you are one the of the most beautiful, kind hearted and funny people I know, you were one of those people who you may not speak to or see for a little while but once you do it’s like nothing ever really changes. You always made me laugh and made me smile, you’re company was on of the best and you would light up any room you were in. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that you are no longer with us and the pain and upset it brings is heartbreaking. But to know you are in a safer and happier place, and finally at peace eases the pain slightly. It breaks me to know this was your only way out after knowing how many people have so much love and care for you. I love you so much beautiful and I hope you rest peacefully up there, you were and will always continue to be such an incredible person and I’m sure your love and kindness will forever live on <33