Sam 20th April 2021

not a day will pass where I don’t think about you Darcy. I love you with all my heart and i cannot imagine moving forward in life without you. mot seeing you every morning will be a forever growing pain. the amount of times we threatened to move seats because we were distracting each other and constantly laughing , and you know would always draw dinosaurs in my book (which drove me up the wall that I will treasure now). I won’t have anyone now to share my airpods with in class and be forced to listen to Harry Styles every day, or to be lectured on about vegan food . never did I think the last time I saw you it would be the last. The lack of photos we have together is completed by the amounts of memories that can never be replaced. I was looking forward to UWE and making many more as your future looked so bright as such a bright young lady. You were so precious and that’s what makes you unforgettable to me and everyone around you. Rest easy Darcy , you were a star that meant so much to me , Sam ❤️🦕