mollie 20th April 2021

darcy, i’m still finding it so hard to process that you’re not with us anymore and it’s going to take such a long time to accept we aren’t able to make any more memories or be able to talk about are beautiful dogs together, my beautiful rosie dog that you blessed me with and who i’ll forever treasure as a gift i was given by you, i’ll give her all the love and hugs that you would’ve wanted me to give her and you’re beautiful dogs. we won’t be able to sit next to each other in our lessons and make random tiktoks hoping to get famous, meet spencer elmer, for me to wear your favourite perfume of mine and for you to smell it and feel comforted. i’ll continue to do all these things for you darcy, in honour of your beautiful smile, laugh and presence. you were such a large part of my life that i’ll treasure forever. i love you so much darcy and i’ll always care for you so much, love mollie🧡