David 20th April 2021

To Darcy. I can’t believe that you’re gone but I’m trying to stay strong for you. I miss you so much. My heart is in so much pain. You had such an important role in every persons’ life that I knew and you were such a good friend. Life without you is going to be a lot dimmer but I pray that you’re watching down and smiling. We all love you so much. I just wish I could’ve given you one last hug, had one last conversation with you to let you know how much we all cared for you. I’m glad that you’re in a better place now and I hope we will see each other again one day. Thanks for all the beautiful memories we made together and I’ll always cherish how you felt you could come to me and vent about all your problems in life and what was bothering you at that moment. I’ll miss that. You were so precious and beautiful. Love you lots. David