Angela 21st April 2021

Dearest Darcy Lukes mum here. I am posting this from my heart and also to tell you and the world just how much my son Luke loved and adored you, as he is too devastated at this time to be able to find the words he so wants to say. I am so sorry that I wasn't able to get to know you better, due to my being forced to stay away from the area for so long, but I am so very happy that I was able to see you with Luke last week. I could see how much you adored each other, and I can see you so clearly smiling and talking about how you and Luke would be married one day, and you both laughed when I said "Best get uni out of the way first!" You planned to travel together and were each others world. I loved you although I hadn't got to know you that well, because you made Luke happy and I could see how right you were for each other. The body may die, but the spirit lives on, and I pray that you are now in a place of beauty, happy and carefree, watching over your loved ones until we all meet again. Rest in peace with the angels, sweet Darcy. Xxx