K 21st April 2021

I am so deeply sorry to you and for everyone that has lost such a beautiful soul. I never got the pleasure of meeting you, but I knew you through family and mutual friends and just from that I feel like I did. Never have I ever heard such positive and special things said about one person before by so many different people, which is how I know you were a unique genuine soul and deserved all the happiness in the world. I’m speaking on behalf of my mum when I say you brightened up her day whenever she got to be in your presence with your soft manner and bubbly personality, she would forever talk about how sweet you were and how you made her feel very welcomed and happy. I’m so sorry you suffered and felt this was your only way to stop the demons. Sending all my love and care to your family and anyone else that got the privilege to meet you. Sleep peacefully Angel❤️x