C 22nd January 2022

I didn’t know Darcy, but first of all I want to say I am so sorry for your loss, just know that she is your guardian angel watching above you all & she will be so proud of all the work and money you have raised in her memory❤️ It took me a while to think of the right words to say, as even though I didn’t know Darcy when I heard of her passing it hit close to home for me as I’m around the same age as Darcy and I struggle with mental health too, and seeing all the photos I have seen of her broke me as she looked like such a beautiful bubbly girl with such a great life ahead of her and in a way I wish I knew Darcy personally, as I can see she had such a loving family and supporting friends but I think sometimes when your going through mental health, having someone who has experienced similar things that you have been through, it can be easier to relate to that person and make them feel less alone so they know they aren’t the only one going through that battle alone. Whilst living my life, I won’t just be living it to the fullest for myself, but for Darcy as well❤️ I hope you are resting peacefully Darcy, fly high🤍🕊 Sending so many hugs to all her family & friends xxx