Rachel 24th April 2021

Darcy, From the moment you joined Whitchurch Primary and made friends with my daughter, Charlotte, your bright personality and huge talent were evident from a young age. You were naturally gifted in so many ways and had so much sparkle and energy. I was, and continue to be, heartbroken by the news of your passing. I remember how hard you and Charlotte both worked on preparing for the 11+ exams and the excitement we all shared on hearing that you both had gained a place at the same school. I remember how kind you were to your friends there and that you always had time for others. Whilst Charlotte moved school and we left the area, the memory of those years is very much cherished. You will be missed by so many people, and my thoughts and prayers are with your friends and family as they celebrate your life and the joy that you brought to so many. May God bless you and all who loved you and may you rest in peace and rise in glory.