Polly 25th April 2021

Darcy, My heart is broken for you and your family who have not left my thoughts. Every memory I have of you is so clear to me now and all of them are filled with happiness and laughter. You were the most wonderful friend to me, always thoughtful and kind and supportive. You had that rare type of energy that people gravitate towards and are by far one of the brightest souls I’ve met on my short journey. I’m so grateful for the years of friendship we had. Nothing will fill the space you have left in this world, but your boundless spirit will continue to thrive through stories and memories forever, and we will laugh and cry remembering your immense, colourful, wonderful person. Sending so much love, light and warmth to your beautiful family. You mean so much to so many people, Darcy. Rest in love and peace, Polly xxxx